Historic commission approves Hoboken Sign’s application for “Biggies “ neon signage for their new location

Mr. Guzman made a compelling argument marrying the 2 restaurants historical importance:

“Even though neon is no longer available in the district, except in the case of important landmarks, like the Hotel Victor; with the submission for these neon signs, we’re paying homage to the Clam Broth House and Hoboken’s bygone era. We owe it to ourselves and our historical heritage to make this exception.”

The 2 new neon signs will be placed over the entry way for the new Biggies Clam Bar & Restaurant. Design and fabrication are in accordance with Mr. Guzman’s regard to detail & craftsmanship.



Proposed and approved sign package

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Sargento mural in Wisconsin

The persnickety mural

The persnickety mural 12 ft. x 30 ft.

Part of a Letterhead event for the town of Plymouth , Wi.

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